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20 Seconds
STN's Legacy
6(0:26) @ 1080p
STN - Inspiring hundreds (thousands) of students! A...
Tags: 20 years
In the Beginning
4(0:37) @ 1080p
First prez shouts out to STN on its anniversary.
Tags: davedavis hillcrest atlanta99 stnbeginning
Happy 20th STN!
0(0:24) @ 1080p
Shelby Doroshow, STN Student of the Year 2018-19
Tags: 20 seconds of 20 years
Cassidy Burns, student at Fort Mill High School
Tags: 20 seconds of 20 years
One Big STN Family
0(0:14) @ 1080p
Courtney Smith, student at Fort Mill High School
Tags: 20 seconds of 20 years
Excited in Minnesota
1(0:23) @ 1080p
Ken Stone was at the very first STN convention ... he's...
Tags: Snow, 20 years, student passion
Through our shutters.
0(0:21) @ 1080p
STN through our shutters.
Tags: FBTV
Unforgettable STN Memory
3(0:22) @ 1080p
Something we will never forget about STN.
Tags: FBTV
Looking back at my years associated with STN.
Tags: Danny Diaz SNN
In Atlanta Georgia, we had 20 seconds to turn in our...
Tags: Saugus High School, STN, Atlanta Georgia, STN 2016, Favorite Memory, 20 Seconds
Know Where To Go
0(0:23) @ 1080p
Trying to find out where the judges are in a hotel the...
Tags: STN, 20, 20 seconds
Middle School PSA
1(0:31) @ 720p
Maui Waena Intermediate School
Tags: hawaii, psa, stn, convention, 2015
Freshmen physics teacher Nathan Mahoney studies physics...
Tags: space, Pine Crest School, physics, NASA, NASA SOFIA, teacher goes to space
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