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Student Productions During Pandemic
CopperHeadsUp 3/17
0(4:07) @ 1080p
A Corona style St. Patricks Day with some thoughts on...
Tags: Pandemic, Daily Show, Daily Announcements, Covid-19 Coverage
This was the first show CCNN Live created while being...
Tags: CCNN Live, Quarantine, Corona, COVID 19
This was the second show CCNN Live created while being...
Tags: Quarantine, COVID 19, Corona, CCNN Live
AP Exam Info
2(1:39) @ 1080p
Direct from college board - information on AP exams
Tags: AP, Corona, Pandemic, Quarantine
Internet Speeds
1(1:53) @ 1080p
The common problem of how slow the internet is when...
Tags: Corona Virus, Pandemic, Internet, Slow Internet, Tech Problems, Quarantine
Alex Callegari is a first responder who is dealing with...
Tags: First Responders, Covid 19, Corona, Virus
Farm Stores are seeing an uptick in business due to its...
Tags: Business, Covid 19, Corona, Pandemic
Stop the Spread
1(0:34) @ 1080p
PSA on stoping the spread of the corona virus.
Tags: PSA, corona, virus, germa
GTV304 News Remote Show
1(6:33) @ 1080p
During these exciting times with the COVID19 outbreak,...
Tags: GTV304, news, news show, daily show, COVID19, corona, corona virus
Students from CCNN Live and CRN collaborated to make...
Tags: Covid 19, Corona, Virus, Netflix, Party
Alexander Someillan used his iPhone to capture audio and...
Tags: Music, Covid 19, Corona, Virus, Pandemic
Benjamin Cure shot and recorded audio for this segment...
Tags: Sports, covid 19, corona, virus
Students shot the video and captured the audio on their...
Tags: Corona Virus, Covid 19, pandemic
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