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Student Productions During Pandemic
AP Exam Info
2(1:39) @ 1080p
Direct from college board - information on AP exams
Tags: AP, Corona, Pandemic, Quarantine
Family Matters
2(3:07) @ 1080p
What happens when you are stuck with a family of 6 under...
Tags: Quarantine, Pandemic, Humorous, Family
Internet Speeds
1(1:53) @ 1080p
The common problem of how slow the internet is when...
Tags: Corona Virus, Pandemic, Internet, Slow Internet, Tech Problems, Quarantine
20 Seconds
STN's Legacy
6(0:26) @ 1080p
STN - Inspiring hundreds (thousands) of students! A...
Tags: 20 years
In the Beginning
4(0:37) @ 1080p
First prez shouts out to STN on its anniversary.
Tags: davedavis hillcrest atlanta99 stnbeginning
A Chance to Explore
0(0:13) @ 1080p
Grayson Smith, student at Fort Mill High School
Tags: 20 seconds of 20 years
Generic B-Roll
0(0:24) @ 1080p
U-2 Aircraft high-flight from Beale AFB
Tags: U2, Beale AFB, Aircraft, California, BRTV
U-2 Aircraft Takeoff
0(0:21) @ 720p
U-2 Aircraft takeoff from Beale AFB CA
Tags: U-2, Aircraft, Beale AFB, California, Wheatland, BRTV
Nice quadcopter footage of foliage from around our...
Tags: Aerial, drone, Fall, foliage, Jersey, Autumn, leaves, beautiful
President Obama speaks to the troops in August, 2013 at...
Tags: President Obama
President Obama speaks to the troops on Camp Pendleton,...
Tags: President Obama
President Obama speaks to the troops on Camp Pendleton,...
Tags: President Obama
Middle School PSA
1(0:31) @ 720p
Maui Waena Intermediate School
Tags: hawaii, psa, stn, convention, 2015
Statistical PSA containing information on violent...
Tags: Sexual Abuse, Abuse, Domestic Abuse, High School, PSA, Rack Focus, Ambient Music, Statistic, Statistics, Relationships, Dating, Relationship, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Guilt
0 to 60
34(0:29) @ 1080p
PSA about speed
Tags: PSA, drinking, driving
Public Affairs
Beale AFB Captain, surprises his daughter at Bear River...
Tags: Beale AFB, Military, Air Force, Deployment, Wheatland, WSD, California, Bear River
At the age of 14, Sam was kidnapped and held hostage in...
Tags: Human Sex Trafficking, CHSTV, Carlsbad
Football Preview Package
0(2:38) @ 1080p
Includes unique perspective from a Go-Pro camera
Tags: football, practice
St. Croix Virgin Islands
0(3:19) @ 1080p
Beach and condos in St. Croix, Virgin Islands April 2015
Tags: Virgin Islands, St. Croix, Beach, Aerial Beach
Great White Sharks
0(3:20) @ 1080p
Underwater footage of divers in cage swimming with Great...
Tags: Great White, Sharks, Shark, SCUBA, underwater, swimming
Freshmen physics teacher Nathan Mahoney studies physics...
Tags: space, Pine Crest School, physics, NASA, NASA SOFIA, teacher goes to space
This is B-roll of flooding on the Umatilla River near...
Tags: flood, umatilla, river, road, park, flooding