Why Choose STN?

We know you have many opportunities to promote your company. The reason you should choose the STN Convention is because it's the perfect venue for reaching
3000 students and teachers with a passion for production.

They are hungry for ideas on equipment, online services, colleges and universities,
software, creative products and any product
seeking a 12-18 year old demographic.

STN 2018 will be four high-energy days with opportunities for creative sponsorships, exhibits and related speaking sessions. Our attendees are loyal followers of companies that support our mission. They will remember you and they will buy your products, use your websites and apply to your schools.


STN 2018 - MARCH 15-18 - Nashville, TN



Since STN is such a creative convention, there are many options for sponsorships.  Depending on your focus, you may be interested in sponsorships that address teachers or students. We are open to your suggestions to create your own event.


Booths are located in high traffic areas with afternoon events to encourage attendance.

10 x 10  Booth

Booth includes 6-foot skirted table, 2 chairs, wastebasket,
one-line ID sign, listing in program on Exhibitor Page.

(for a Word Doc, please email info@studenttelevision.com)




Other Ideas?

We are always looking for fresh ideas to keep the convention exciting.
Call us to connect and create the right sponsorship for you!


More Information?



Convention Sponsor Types




Video Products and Services

Hardware and Software

College and University

Marketing and

Summer Programs

Products and equipment
geared to 

New Product Marketing

Film Festivals and Events

Food and Beverages

International Exchange Programs