STN General Contest Rules & Regulations


Student Television Network provides many opportunities throughout the school year for middle school and high school students to compete in head-to-head competition. Awards are presented in recognition of excellence and honors the skills and talents of broadcasting and film students from across the nation. STN contests include, but are not limited to, on-site convention competitions, mail-in submissions and national upload contests. The Rules & Regulations for submission of entries for all STN contests are outlined in this document.

Entries that do not follow the Rules & Regulations are subject to penalty by the STN-appointed judges. All decisions by the judges are final. The Board of Directors of Student Television Network reserves the right to change or amend these Rules & Regulations, at any time, and without notice.

  • Videos are eligible for entry if produced and aired between the dates specified for that particular contest. For the purpose of any contest, “aired” means broadcast or cablecast, or shared with an audience of students, or presented to the community via closed-circuit or other playback device.
  • Previous entries from an earlier STN contest are not permitted, in whole, or as part of a current contest entry.
  • The method of submission for an entry is particular to the contest being entered and is determined by STN on a contest by contest basis. Entry methods include, but are not limited to, USB flashdrive and upload to the STN Upload System.
  • Entries that have issues with playback or are not uploaded correctly will not be judged.
  • Each entry costs $20 and must be paid with a credit card at the time of submission or as part of your convention registration. A receipt will be instantly emailed to you.
  • Only affiliate advisers may access the STN Upload system for uploading entries. No students are permitted to use the system.
  • Winning entries may be used by STN for marketing and promotional purposes.
  • Contest entries are subject to United States Copyright Laws and may be disqualified for disregarding these laws. Please refer to our copyright policies at


* All videos sent by contest participants become the property of STN. Winning entries may be compiled into a DVD for distribution by Student Television Network at its discretion. Schools agree to release rights to their winning entries for unlimited duplication and distribution, in any medium, worldwide, into perpetuity, without compensation.   These rights may include uploading of the entries to partner/sponsor websites.  No entries will be returned.


To download a PDF of the STN Contest General Rules, click here