STN Craft Achievement Award






STN offers members the opportunity
to have their content evaluated.

 All entries are judged to a standard
and awarded gold, silver, bronze or no award. 

Broadcast Journalism, Film, Media, Digital Yearbook
Online Newspaper, etc.




STN is looking to assist affiliate programs in their pursuit of professional growth and recognize those that have excelled in the craft of film, video and media production.


Affiliate programs that produce a variety of media content may submit a web URL to be reviewed as part of the STN Craft Achievement Evaluation Program.


Programs will be evaluated and some will be recognized based on a set-forth criteria. This is not a head-to-head contest. It is an evaluation and critique program.


Submissions that meet the criteria will be rated Gold, Silver or Bronze. If an entry does not meet the criteria, then no medal will be granted. All program affiliates who submit a program URL  will receive detailed written feedback from an STN Veteran Teacher/Professional.


Entries must be submitted online in the form of web content. Judges will spend between 10-30 minutes browsing the website and evaluating the content.


Websites may include samples of ANY type of media production, including but not limited to, short films, animations, cultural pieces, educational programs, public service announcements, commercials, documentaries, entertainment segments, live events, video yearbooks and news productions.              





The judges are looking for programs that show excellence in the following criteria:


●     Videography        

●     Writing

●     Editing

●     Lighting

●     Sound

●     Graphics

●     Content Creativity

●     Content Diversity               

●     Technical Complexity

●     Overall Impression


Websites should be populated with content that gets the viewer's attention and keeps it. Segments should represent what your program does on a regular basis. Websites may be created specifically for this contest, but the video content must be 100% student work, not professional.                


The overall impact of the samples within the website will be the focus of the judging process. This is not a website design contest. Judges will be looking at video content, not website design. Youtube, Vimeo, ESE or any other service provider page is acceptable. Review all STN copyright rules before submitting.



●     Compile and create a website that features student media produced during the school year. Any website platform may be used.


●     Register and submit the program website URL by logging into the STN Dashboard.   


●    Entries will be evaluated by an STN Veteran Teacher/Professional.. Craft Achievement results will be announced and published on the STN website in in the Fall of 2018. All decisions by Judges and STN are final.



●     Registration is for current affiliates and must be completed through the STN Dashboard. Only teachers should access the dashboard.


●     Submissions cost $35 and must be paid with a credit card at the time of registration. This fee is not refundable should an affiliate decide not to enter OR if the submission deadline is missed for any reason.           


●    .All submissions must be registered and complete by 5pm PST on June 6, 2018. 

 2018 Craft Achievement – Evaluation Criteria

After reviewing a submitted website, the judges will award up to ten points in each of the following categories. Total scores will determine a submission’s final result.

●    Videography – The visuals tell stories. The shots are generally steady, focused and well composed. Compelling sequences and creative angles were utilized.     

●    Writing – The samples have apparent structure and flow. Stories have a beginning, middle and an end. There are smooth transitions between the main points in the samples.

●    Editing – The editing in the samples does not distract from the story. The sequences and transitions are smooth. Common editing mistakes are avoided (jump cuts, flash frames, etc...) There were creative editing techniques in the samples.

●    Lighting – The      videos are crisp, clear and generally free from lighting issues. The videographers mostly avoided poor lighting situations and adjusted the lens to optimize their visuals.           

●    Sound – The sounds in the samples are generally clean and clear. The sounds are used appropriately and are balanced. Sound helps tell the story.

●     Content Creativity – The affiliate program produces something unique or different. There are a few surprises and some unexpected content. The program takes creative risks and it pays off.

●    Content Diversity – The affiliate program produces a variety of different types of television, film and multimedia content. The program demonstrate excellence both in front of the camera and behind it. The program makes an effort to include the school and community.

●    Technical Complexity – The program shows a mastery of technical skill throughout all the samples submitted. The samples demonstrate complex shooting and editing techniques. The program produces and executes technically difficult content.  

●     Graphics – The program uses graphics, text, and animation appropriately and effectively.

●    Overall Impression – The entry was memorable, left a lasting impression, and was an overall good example of high school media program best practices.


  94-100        GOLD – Meets and exceeds the standards set forth by the judging criteria 

  87-93          SILVER – Meets all of the standards set forth by the judging criteria 

  80-87          BRONZE – Meets most of the standards set forth by the judging criteria 

  Below         NO AWARDDoes not meet enough criteria



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