Use of Copyrighted Materials


Student Television Network and its affiliates support and comply with United States copyright laws. It is the responsibility of every STN affiliate to ensure compliance.

In all STN sanctioned activities (including, but not limited to, contest submissions, on-site contests, and materials submitted for critique) participating schools shall certify that all audio and visual material they submit is fully the creation of the school submitting the work, or that written permission has been secured from the copyright holder to use the material in this instance.

  • Proof of copyright license must be submitted (by FAX to 760-201-4356) with entries that make use of materials (audio or video) that are not 100% original student work. Failure to do so will result in penalty or disqualification by the judges.
  • Copyright licenses must include synch rights, where applicable, permission to incorporate the work into the entry; to reproduce and distribute copies of that entry, and to permit the entry to be displayed to audiences via television, internet, etc. Licenses without that permission will be ineffective.
  • Schools that own rights to royalty-free music or images are welcome to submit entries using that material when contests specifically permit. Please submit the proof of subscription, purchase or contract with your entry and include your entry number on all correspondence.

These updated guidelines shall apply to all STN-sanctioned contest activities, beginning with the 2016-2017 school year.

To download a PDF of Use of Copyrighted Materials policy, click here