Creative Content Policy



All contest submissions to Student Television Network should reveal technical skill, imagination, and the power of visual storytelling.  Work submitted should be that of students in middle and high school.

Teachers may not participate in the creation of work submitted for student competition.  In the case of class submissions, specifically Broadcast and Film Excellence and convention onsite team competitions, the teacher may have an advisory role.

The nature of STN contests encourages public display of students work, and therefore all Copyright laws apply.  All elements of a submission including, but not limited to, music, graphics, and images must be the student’s original work or free from copyright claims. Production music obtained by subscriptions to Megatrax and other organizations are acceptable but should be identified on screen or in the credits.

Judges will receive explicit instructions to recognize and place high value on the needs and sensibilities of STN's intended audience. This audience is composed of students ranging in age from 12 to 18. All entries must respect the intended age and contain acceptable material for all member schools internationally with diverse requirements.

STN is open to diverse interpretations of the human experience.  Sensitive topics should be handled with maturity and avoid being gratuitous, explicitly violent, obscene or overtly sexual. Submissions should not depict youth involved in risky, questionable, or illegal activities without also examining the outcomes, ramifications, or consequences of those activities.

The judges, STN Staff and Board of Directors will make the final decision as to the appropriate and acceptable nature of a contest submission.  If a submission is found to be in violation of this Creative Content Policy, it may not receive judges’ comments and, depending on the violation, further action could be taken against the student, advisor and member school.

All videos entered in STN Contests become the property of STN.  Student Television Network may compile winning entries for distribution at its discretion.  Schools agree to release rights to their winning entries for unlimited duplication and distribution, in any medium, worldwide, into perpetuity, without compensation.   These rights may include uploading of the entries to partner/sponsor websites.  No entries will be returned.

By submitting to STN contests, the entrant acknowledges understanding and acceptance of this policy.


Ammended June 2015