STN is proud to announce the release of the Video Vault, a master database within the STN website that will connect schools across the country. Schools with STN memberships will be able to upload their videos and download the videos of any school in the STN universe. Students and teachers get complete access to this database as one of the many benefits of their STN membership. 

The Video Vault will act as a source for free footage, including full-length feature stories, Public Service Announcements, B-roll footage, and more. Students and teachers across the country can stop endless searches for video content to use in their programs. Many online video providers require payment for downloads. All videos in the Video Vault are free and easy to download. Additionally, the Video Vault is navigable, with a streamlined search process. Users can narrow their searches down by category or keywords. This will be extremely helpful with the immense amount of videos that will be stored in the Vault.


 Video Vault How To: 

  • Login to your dashboard by using your assigned username and password. The username and password can be changed at any time.
  • Create a new Video Vault username and password that your students can use to upload, download and peruse content in the Vault. Select Update STN Video Vault Login on the left side of the page. Once you have created a password for student use, they can directly access the Vault from the Vault icon on

Click on this link to access the Main Video Vault Page


  • Manage your videos. Create a new slot (click on “contribute a Video Clip), upload your video, and provide more information about your clip (ex: title, topic/category, description, resolution, keywords, photo credit). Each processed video will generate a thumbnail. 
  • Modify data at any time, re-download your video, or remove it from the vault.
  • Sort by Most Popular, Newest Videos, or Alphabetically. View popular tags, which will constantly update with similar tags across all videos or specific to the category you are viewing.

To download a clip, click on the thumbnail, then click on “Download Video Clip.”




U.S. Education TV Streaming!

U.S. Education TV has been a strong supporter of STN for 3 years – offering its live streaming an on-demand library services to STN schools, awarding more than $150,000 in cash and prizes and offering unparalleled customer service. 


The U.S. Education TV platform allows STN schools to create custom websites to feature their class or club programming as well as school events and sports.  The viewing experience with U.S. Education TV is unrivaled.  They work with each school to implement a broadcasting strategy that incorporates their current equipment or build new systems that incorporate HD across the web, all with a built-in revenue generating machine.

This year, U.S. Education TV will not be offering free STN memberships.  Instead, they will be awarding cash and prizes to schools using thier platform that excel in one of the many contests offered.  US Ed TV will be awarding $2500. in prizes to the top schools in the new STN Challenge Contest:  Multi-Media Website.   

Click here to read more, or to get a printable copy of U.S. Education's support of STN for this year.

Click Down Below to sign up and find out rates!


or call STN:  877-786-1001



STN is committed to supporting teachers and students with curriculum materials that enhance the classroom experience.  Affiliate members have access to training videos that teach the basics of production with support materials including vocabulary and quizzes. 



Browse ListServe Database by Topic




Sony Electronics’ Solutions Development and Integration team can create all-in-one portable solutions that have been pre-designed, configured, and ready to go- but the contents can be customized to fit your needs.  The VJBK-XPRS Video Journalist Backpack is an affordable, turn-key solution ideal for use by professionals and up-and-coming video journalists. It’s compact size and price point make it a smart, economical choice for any student.  The pack is equipped with many of the tools necessary for capturing high-quality video and audio, as well as lighting, cables and accessories.


-Click here for more information on this backpack.


To purchase, email Troxell at and mention the STN code word:  “SONYSTN2014”.



Eartec is a leading manufacturer of communication systems for broadcast and production teams. Their systems are used worldwide, from small theater productions, to some of the largest colleges in the country. They offer cost effective, affordable intercoms, in both push to talk simplex, and hands free full duplex wireless versions.

Eartec has created special, discounted packages specifically for STN members and affiliates.

Select from two popular Eartec systems:

  • Push to Talk - Simplex - "Link to Scrambler PDF"
  • Hands Free - Full Duplex - "Link to CS" 

Call or Email Kyle Bell at Eartec and mention the code word: "STN 20" to apply the discount

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