2014-2015 STN Teacher Contest


STN invites all member teachers to participate in theTeacher Video Contest.  Apply all you have learned and all you teach to creating an outstanding video.

Produce a 3-minute video based on the prompt.  Add your own flourish, special effects and production value.

Teacher Contest Prompt:  It’s Not Fair!

- Presentation of Awards

The winner will receive a plaque and will be announced at the Closing Ceremony of the STN Convention on April 4, 2015 in San Diego, CA. Teachers are not required to attend the convention to enter or win this award.

- Teacher Contest Guidelines

Only submissions that follow the STN Content Policy for Creative contests will be eligible for screening and awards.

Schools must be “members in good standing,” meaning that their membership and account is current.

Teachers entering must be the “advisor” of record for their school.

Only one entry will be allowed per teacher.

All submissions must be mailed to the STN office on DVD or flashdrive.  Please include the program title, school name, and TRT on the DVD or flashdrive.

Submissions must run less than 3 minutes.  Entries must be postmarked by January 14, 2015.

All entries sent by contest participants become property of STN. Winning entries may be compiled for distribution by Student Television Network at its discretion. School agrees to release rights to their winning entries for unlimited duplication and distribution, in any medium, worldwide, into perpetuity, without compensation.   These rights may include uploading of the entries to partner/sponsor websites.  No entries will be returned.

- Teacher Contest Judging Criteria

Excellent content, storytelling and coverage are appropriate for the show’s target audience.  Excellent production values, including lighting, sound, art direction, appropriate use of effects and graphics, editing, and original music.  Excellent creativity, originality, writing, acting and directing.  Journalistic integrity.  Overall impact and professionalism

- Teacher Challenge  Fees and Submissions

There is no fee for this contest.  This is a paper entry – no online registration.
(Printable Copy and Form will be on left hand side with link) 

Entries must be submitted with the official Entry Form.  Mail entries to:

STN Teacher Contest

2768 Loker Avenue West

Carlsbad, CA  92010



Contests Teacher



January 14, 2015


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