2015-2016 STN Broadcast Excellence

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Contest Description                 


The Broadcast Excellence Contest honors the top student-produced television programs in the nation. Seven finalists will be announced on the STN Website in February to represent their regions in the four high school categories Daily Live, Daily Taped, Weekly and Monthly. There's also a national middle school category!

Regional winners will receive certificates while the national winners will be announced and recognized at the STN Convention in Atlanta, GA. Schools are not required to attend the convention to enter this contest.

STN affiliates are broken into seven geographical regions Northeast, Intermountain, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, West and Pacific. Represent your region by submitting your best program for the Broadcast Excellence Award. There is a $15 fee for submissions payable only by credit card. 


Rules & Regulations 


Entries that do not follow all the Rules & Regulations are subject to penalty and/or disqualification by the judges. All decisions by the judges are final. The Board of Directors of Student Television Network reserves the right to change or amend these Rules & Regulations, at any time, and without notice.


  • High School affiliates may enter one show in a category, per member program. High Schools may not enter the Middle School category.
  • Middle School affiliates may only enter the Middle School category. There is no regional component for Middle School entries. Middle Schools may not enter High School categories.
  • Affiliates may enter their best show that aired between Sept 1st and Dec 16th 2015.
  • Affiliate members should not be creating an entry specifically for this contest. Entries must be a typical broadcast for your program.
  • Affiliates may not submit compilations or “Best of” shows; a program entry should NOT be based on segments taken from previous broadcasts and should NOT include any STN entry already submitted in any previous STN contest or challenge.
  • Shows may be up to 30 minutes in length but the judges are not required to view more than 10 mins.
  • Advisers may NOT shoot, write or edit any part of an Excellence entry. This is a hands-off contest and must be 100% student-produced.
  • All Broadcast Excellence entries must be submitted by teachers. No students should access the STN Upload System.


Excellence Categories


  1. Daily Live Show – A daily news show that is broadcast live and not edited in any way. Live shows that are not daily must enter the weekly category.
  2. Daily Taped Show – A daily news show that is not broadcast live and is edited before it is aired. Edited shows that are not daily must enter the weekly category.
  3. Weekly Show – A weekly news show that is edited before it is aired. Edited shows that air less frequently than weekly must enter the monthly category.
  4. Monthly Show – A monthly news show that is edited before it is aired.
  5. Middle School Show – A middle school news show of any length or frequency.



Contest entries are judged by industry professionals. Affiliates should understand that judging is a subjective process and will not always be in line with what is taught in a school production classroom. This is a real-world experience. STN contest judges are not teachers, they are professionals who have volunteered their expert opinion and feedback, based on years of work experience in the TV/Film industry.

Each entry will receive a written critique and evaluation. Judges will look for excellent delivery of content and appropriate coverage for the show’s frequency and target audience. Programs should submit work that has high production value, including lighting, sound, graphics, editing and on-camera talent. Entries should be free from copyright music. If the judges determine that no entries meet the standard of “excellent”, then no award will be given in that region or category. All decisions by the judges and STN are final. Winning entries should meet the following criteria:

  • Excellent content and storytelling
  • Integrates various multi-media and social media content
  • High production value and technical skill
  • Creativity and complexity
  • Demonstration of journalistic integrity and courage
  • Excellent on-camera skills and writing
  • Strong overall impact and professionalism


Submitting Your Entry


All Broadcast Excellence entries must be submitted online using the STN Upload System. After completing your online registration, please follow the directions in your dashboard for entry preparation and upload. If you are experiencing any problems contact the STN office immediately. Do not wait until the last day to use the upload system for the first time. It's important to follow the upload instructions to ensure that the system works efficiently. You cannot upload raw HD video. Those files are too large. We cannot make allowances for technical issues that cause you to miss the deadline. Entries must be uploaded by 5pm PST on December 16, 2015. 


Please make sure you read and understand all the rules and regulations before submitting an entry. Any affiliate who knowingly submits an entry that is found to be in deliberate violation could face sanctions from STN. Sanctions may include, but are not limited to, contest penalty, disqualification, written reprimand sent to the affiliate school's administration, banned from entering STN contests in the future OR removal of STN membership privileges.

By submitting an entry to the STN upload system you agree to allow STN to use that entry for promotional purposes.