Creative Content Policy

For Creative Contests

Film, music video, and other creative video productionsthat are entered into contests of Student Television Network should reveal skill, imagination, and the power of visual storytelling. STN places value on the truths revealed through the events, disappointments, joys, and conflicts we all experience. Although STN is open to diverse interpretations of this human experience, we will accept for competition only those productions that avoid being gratuitously or explicitly violent, obscene, or overtly sexual. Likewise, STN contest entries should avoid youth involved in risky, questionable, or illegal activities without also examining the outcomes, ramifications, or consequences of those activities.Contest entries are judged by qualified professionals(and in certain specified contests, students themselves).All judges will receive explicit instructions to recognize and place high value on the needs and sensibilities of STN's intended audience. This audience is composedof students ranging in age from 12 to 18, and students who come from diverse communities with diverse standards of appropriateness, which must be respected.

Created May 2007

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